Our accommodation suits are designed to fit your particular taste, experience, and budget. We have rooms for singles, doubles, families and we can even accommodate big corporate teams.  Room service is available and our staff will discretely take care of your laundry, minor purchases in Meru town and any other conveniences that will make your stay more enjoyable.  Our staff is friendly to, and loves children and are willing to assist in any way, families traveling with children. On request, we can tailor make your honeymoon experience and help you begin your journey of lifelong bliss.

Standard Rooms

Free wifi

Cable TV

One Bed

Our Single rooms are self-contained and are designed to provide you with affordable but at the same time top of the range luxury in the class.

KES. 2500

Double Rooms

Free wifi

Cable TV

Two Beds

For the very affordable price of 3500, you get comfort on the lap of luxury. The internet is lightning fast, the facilities extremely clean and the linen is changed every morning.

KES. 3500

Executive Rooms

Free wifi

Cable TV

King Size Bed

For only 5000, our luxury suites are the best we have to offer. The is a King sized bed with a premium level mattress. Unlimed access to TV channels and incredibly fast Wifi connection. The levels of cleanness as per our standards are beyond reproach.

KES. 5000

For only 5000, the luxury suites are the best we have to offer. There is a giant King sized bed, access to unlimited TV Channels, Fast Wifi and as always the rooms and lined beyond reproach in cleanness.